Can you ever say “I Love You” too often or hear it told too many times? None of us knows the day or the hour that will be our last, or whether we will return home to our family after a day’s work or see our friends again after an evening’s entertainment. Never miss the opportunity to tell those you cherish how much you care for them. When either of you is gone, there will be loneliness and grief, but there should not be regret. My father was the first victim of a troubled youth who later became a serial killer, but he deserves to be remembered for the wonderful life he lived and not the evil way he died.

 The purpose of this initiative is to preserve and perpetuate the memory of the innocent victims of evil violence.  

Much is written about the perpetrators, examining their motives and their state of mind and analyzing their actions.  Those who lost their lives in these senseless killings should not be remembered only for the way they died but more importantly the way they lived.