A Last Loving Tribute

Memorial Service Program

Mass of Christian Burial

Edward O’Connell

Our Lady of Lourdes Church

December 23, 2016

10:30 A.M.

Rev. Gary Tyman, Presider

Nancy DeRycke, Pastoral Associate


Prelude                                       Les Miserables Finale

Entrance Hymn                           Morning Has Broken, RS# 859

First Reading                              Sirach

                                                   Edward O’Connell, Jr.

Psalm                                          Psalm 27; RS #57

Response: “The Lord is My Light and My Salvation,

Of Whom Should I be Afraid.”

Second Reading                          Philippians

                                                   Stephanie Siegrist

Gospel Acclamation                    John 14: 1-6

Homily                                       Rev. Gary Tyman

Prayers of the Faithful                Peter Siegrist

Response: “God of Peace, Hear Our Prayer”

Presentation of the Gifts             I Have Loved You, RS #641

                                                   The Grandchildren of

                                                   Edward & Estelle O’Connell

Liturgy of the Eucharist

The Lord be with you. And with your spirt. Lift up your hearts!

We lift them up to the Lord! Let us give praise to the Lord our God! It is right and just.

Response: Amen!


The Lord’s Prayer


Sign of Peace

We ask the God’s peace surround us and our world,

especially at this time.


Communion Hymns                   Lord of All Hopefulness, RS #713

                                                   Ave Maria

All are welcome to come forward. If you do not choose to receive Communion, you are welcome to come with arms folded across your chest for a simple blessing, or be seated.


Song of Farewell                         O Loving God

            (Melody of Danny Boy)

            O Loving God, we send Our Brother home to you,

            Home to a place of everlasting love,

            To join thee with the angel choirs and blessed saints,

            And to behold your glorious holy face.

                           Receive his soul and let eternal light shine,

                           Eternal light forever on his soul.

                           So he may be forever in your dwelling place,

                           And be at rest in peace until we meet him there.

            O loving God, have mercy and forgiveness,

            Upon your servant’s new departed soul

            And may your grace and love enfold him evermore,

            So he may dwell in paradise at last.


Sending Forth Hymn                  Let there be Peace on Earth


            Bagpiper, Jim VanBrederode


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